Bravo! Foods, Inc., the U.S.-based subsidiary of China Premium Food Corp. (OTCBB:CHPF), announced today that its Looney Tunes(tm) flavored milk is now available in major retail outlets in Colorado. The Looney Tunes(tm) milks are being marketed and sold through agreements Bravo! Foods has with Quality Chekd Dairies, Inc. and Sinton Dairy Foods Co., a Quality Chekd member dairy.

The major Colorado cities debuting the Looney Tunes(tm) milk include Denver, Colorado Springs, Pueblo and Ft. Collins. Some of the more recognized retail outlets that are or will soon be carrying the new Looney Tunes(tm) flavored milk are Wal-Mart, Cub Foods, 7-11, Texaco, Diamond Shamrock and Totals.

Available from Sinton Dairy in 16 oz sizes, the Looney Tunes(tm) branded 2% milk is available in five flavors: vanilla shake featuring Bugs Bunny; strawberry featuring Bugs Bunny and Lola; banana featuring Tweety; chocolate featuring the Tasmanian Devil; and orange cream featuring Sylvester and Tweety. Each container displays a colorful graphic of the character. Quart size packaging will be available at the end of November.

According to Mr. Tony Guiliano, President of Bravo! Foods, “Colorado is the seventh state in the Looney Tunes(tm) flavored milk rollout. Introducing a product that has instant brand recognition is definitely a sales booster, and helps us meet our goal, which is to get more kids drinking wholesome, nutritious milk and liking it.”

“What we’ve got with Looney Tunes(tm) flavored milks is a one-two punch to get children-and adults-to drink the milk they need to maintain a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle,” says Mr. Joel Midkiff, vice president, Sinton Dairy Foods Company. “Flavored milks provide the same amount of essential nutrients as white milk, so if adding flavor to the inside of the package, and featuring widely recognized Looney Tunes(tm) characters on the outside gets more people to drink the milk they need, then that alone will make this a successful partnership.”

For China Premium, this alliance between Bravo!, Quality Chekd and its member dairies is an important step toward being a leading provider of value added premium food products on a multi-national basis. Bravo! Foods holds a license from Warner Bros. to utilize the Looney Tunes(tm) characters and names on milk products throughout the fifty U.S. states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Through Bravo!’s agreement with Quality Chekd, a national dairy co-op with over 40 member dairies, a national rollout of Looney Tunes(tm) branded, flavored milks will continue.

China Premium recently introduced a B2B portal in China serving the hotel and restaurant industry through which China Premium will offer a full service food platform. China Premium’s established infrastructure in China includes its subsidiary, a trading company in the Wai Gao Qiao Free Trade Zone in Shanghai. In addition, China Premium holds a 52% interest in the Hangzhou Meilijian Dairy in Hangzhou, China, the largest dairy in this urban area of 6 million people. The company is importing into China private-labeled snack crackers manufactured by Lance, Inc. (Nasdaq:LNCE – news), which are branded with the Looney Tunes(tm) brand and characters, and introduced Looney Tunes(tm) flavored milks in Shanghai and Hangzhou, China under a Master License for China with Warner Bros.

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