Two New York restaurants have re-jigged their menu offering to make people on first-dates feel welcome.

Practicalities surrounding food preferences, allergies or moralities aside, shared platters abound for the potential lovers arriving at Ike’s in Chelsea, Manhattan, and Eugene’s, the East Village. The chef at Ike’s is offering a single clay pot of seafood for two, and his equivalent at Eugene’s has created a chilled seafood platter, fondue, lobster and champagne.

The food on the formal first-date menus has been chosen, according to the restaurants, for its “tactile” and “sexy” qualities, making it ideal for sharing.

British celebrity chef Antony Worrall Thompson did not appear to be enamoured with the thought that the idea could translate to eateries on the other side of the Atlantic. Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, Thompson, who runs Wiz restaurant in London, said: “Sad to say, if it’s a first date, the food is probably immaterial.

“To be honest, an awful lot of restaurateurs aren’t particularly enamoured by couples, on the basis that they’re often either having a filthy row or they’re all gooey.”