A Kansas-based company is increasing its production capacity for a specialty wheat-based resistant starch, due to the increasing number of food companies launching low-carbohydrate foods.

MGP Ingredients has seen heightened demand for ingredients, such as the specialty starch, that increase fibre and lower carbohydrate levels.

The starch is based on a technology invented by Kansas State University grain science researchers and subsequently patented in 1999 by the Kansas State University Research Foundation. In March 2003, the Research Foundation licensed the technology exclusively to MGP Ingredients.

The inventor of the resistant starch technology, grain science professor Paul Seib, developed a way to make plant-based starches resistant to being broken down during digestion by the enzyme amylase.

Because of the strong demand for the specialty starches, MPG Ingredients is expanding production at plants in Atchison, Kansas, and in Pekin, Illinois.