Cheese manufacturer Lucille Farms has announced that it has discontinued the manufacture of mozzarella cheese, and will seek to continue to manufacture its “Select” pizza cheese.

“The discontinuance of the manufacture of mozzarella cheese was occasioned by the refusal of St. Albans Cooperative Creamery, the company’s sole supplier of milk (an essential ingredient in the manufacture of mozzarella cheese), to supply the company with milk after the company was unable to make full payment on a milk bill last week,” Lucille Farms said.

The company said it was compelled to give notice of termination to its employees involved in the manufacture of mozzarella cheese.

The ability of Lucille Farms to continue in business will be dependent upon it being able to increase revenues from the sale of its “Select” pizza cheese and the willingness of LaSalle Business Credit to finance such business. Currently, “Select” pizza cheese accounts for approximately 20% of the company’s revenues. This is expected to increase in the short-term to the equivalent of 25% of the company’s sales on a pro forma basis.