Real estate manager, prospector and treasure hunter, John Davidson has developed a new get-rich-quick scheme that can only prove more successful than his previous stunted bids to gain wealth and fortune. Ten years and US$12m in the making, and patented at the cost of US$500,000, his new automated invention is designed to pasteurise raw eggs and eliminate the risks of salmonella.

By submerging the egg for an hour in water that is between 128-150°F (exact temperature can not be revealed), disease-causing microbes are killed and the egg remains uncooked. This all points to a successful product as restaurants can guarantee food poisoning-free menus for those 250,000 to 1.2m people that the US Department of Agriculture estimates are struck down by salmonella each year, 300 of whom, according to the Centre for Disease Control & Prevention, die.

The problem may be educating the US public, among whom 20% apparently believe that eggs are already pasteurised and 60% think that cooking eliminates the chance of salmonella poisoning.

Granted the seal of approval by Good Housekeeing and reaching the market at a time when the Food and Drug Administration is launching a ten-year campaign to eliminate salmonella, Davidson is remaining optimistic about his new invention: “I swing at every ball, I missed some and I hit some, but I don’t ever have to say I would have, I could have, I should have.”