US confectionery firm Masterfoods USA is introducing a new look for its M&M’s confectionery product.

The company said it is launching new packaging, an updated colour mix and also changing the M&M’s logo for the first time in more than 60 years.

At the beginning of the year, Masterfoods launched a promotional campaign, offering only black and white M&M’s and inviting consumers to hunt for the missing red, yellow, orange, brown, green and blue M&M’s.

Doug Milne, senior marketing manager, said the black and white period was designed to bring the brand and product back to basics in preparation for the new look.

The new M&M’s feature a larger signature “m” on each candy, along with more vivid yellow and blue candies and a new mix of colour. The new packaging features a more prominent logo with wider letters, the company said.

Masterfoods USA is the US food and snack division of multinational food manufacturer Mars, Inc.