US fastfood chain McDonald’s is expanding the “Salads & More” portion of its menu with the launch of a Fruit ‘n Walnut salad.

McDonald’s restaurants in Southern California have begun offering a Fruit ‘n Walnut Salad which gives customers “yet another option to help them achieve a balanced diet”, the company said.

The Fruit ‘n Walnut Salad contains sliced apples and red seedless grapes, with low-fat yoghurt and an optional lightly-sweetened walnut topping. Without the walnuts, the salad contains only 170 calories and one gram of fat, McDonald’s said, but the company did not provide details of the fat and calorie content of the walnut topping.

The company has also launched a McVeggie Burger, available for a limited time, which the company described as “a meatless Yves Veggie Cuisine soy-based patty” with barbeque sauce, lettuce, tomato, onions and pickles in a toasted wheat bun. The sandwich contains eight grams of fat and 360 calories, and is low in saturated fat. However, McDonald’s said that during preparation, the McVeggie Burger may come in contact with meat products.