Multinational burger behemoth McDonald’s has admitted it failed to fully inform consumers that its fries are produced using some beef products. While countless US consumers are set to argue in court that they were led to assume the fries were vegetarian, McDonald’s has expressed regret that it did not provide “complete” information on how the product is cooked.

Some McDonald’s advocates argue that the American vegetarians and Hindus currently involved in the multi-million-dollar case should never have expected to eat vegetarian products at a place so synonymous with beef. In 1990 however, the company announced its intention to use vegetable oil rather than beef fat in the manufacture of its fries, leaving many upset when they heard that this was not entirely true.

It recently came to light that the cooking process for the fries means that they are first cooked in beef fat, and then frozen before being transported to restaurants for frying.

The company has maintained that the process is different in predominantly Hindu countries, where eating beef products is strictly forbidden according to religious law.

A spokesman commented however: “We’re not too big to apologise.”

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