The Thanksgiving weekend is a four-day affair and cooks will need plenty of help feeding visiting friends and relatives. According to Oscar Ancira Jr. of Delimex, America’s largest producer of taquitos and other frozen Mexican foods, Mexican snacks can provide a delicious change of pace. “You will be thankful if you plan ahead and stock your freezer with taquitos, quesadillas, tamales and Wrapidos (rolled flour taquitos) that taste great and are easy to prepare,” said Ancira.

Ancira suggests there are at least three occasions during the holiday when Delimex snacks will provide the perfect fare for your hungry guests and kids.

Occasion #1: The Football Party. While your football fanatics are parked in front of the television waiting for dinner to be served, a platter of Mexican appetizers can be heated quickly. They require only a few minutes in a microwave or conventional oven and won’t distract you from preparing the main meal. Because these foods are hand-held, they go well with a selection of dips.

Occasion #2: Hey Mom … We’re hungry! The kids have been playing outside and run in for a between-meal snack. Serve them Delimex shredded beef or chicken taquitos, the number one and number two selling frozen Mexican foods in America. Taquitos are also offered in 3-cheese, taco beef with cheddar, and pepperoni pizza flavors and heat up in the microwave in 2 minutes. Fresh from the package, they are much more nutritious and wholesome than the cookies, candy, and other sweet goods that kids will find if they are not offered a better choice.

Occasion #3: “We’re sick of leftovers.” After two or three days of turkey, turkey casseroles and turkey soup, your guests will cheer when you serve a great-tasting feast of Mexican food that is authentic and delicious. Try a hearty meal of Delimex’s tamales, quesadillas and the new Wrapidos. You’ll find them in the freezer section of your store. Just heat and eat. They come in a variety of beef, chicken, pork, cheese and veggie flavor combinations. Add side dishes of beans, rice, guacamole and salsa to the meal and you’ll be sure to fill them up.

“You don’t need an excuse to enjoy good Mexican food anytime,” said Ancira, “but the long Thanksgiving weekend gives you plenty of reasons to reach for the freezer and the fresh taste of Delimex.”