Meyer’s Bakeries, a privately owned national bakery with manufacturing facilities throughout the South and Midwest joined the INC2inc business-to-business (B2B) online food and beverage marketplace. The addition of Meyer’s Bakeries dramatically increases the power of the INC2inc marketplace by creating a true network effect for its customers.

The ultimate goal of an online marketplace is to create a network effect for its users by allowing multiple buyers and suppliers to communicate and conduct business with each of their trading partners from a central location. Since many of Meyer’s 50 suppliers are already using INC2inc’s marketplace to do business with other trading partners, the company is able to move all of its operations online quickly.

Established in 1911, Meyer’s Bakeries is a wholesale baking company that services all sectors of the food industry. Meyer’s has a strong presence in the baker-to-baker market and its customers include major U.S. retail grocery chains, small and large private bakeries, and food service companies. The bakery’s primary product categories are English muffins, brown & serve rolls, soft bread sticks, hot breads, French breads, dinner rolls, and bagels. To date, Meyer’s has relied on telephone, fax and email to order food ingredients and packaging supplies from its trading partners. The bakery quickly realized that the Internet was a powerful tool that could help streamline this process.

“We didn’t feel like we had the resources or the know-how in-house to implement an e-commerce solution. After assessing the market, and evaluating our options, we felt INC2inc offered the best solution for us,” said Chuck Keeter, president and CEO of Meyer’s Bakeries. But, Keeter points out that the decision was not solely based on technology. “I feel confident in the management team at INC2inc,” continued Keeter, “It was the combination of their technology expertise, food industry experience, and vision for the future of the industry that impacted our decision to join INC2inc’s marketplace.”

INC2inc will be helping Meyer’s Bakeries automate its business transactions and integrate Meyer’s existing internal software system into the marketplace, eliminating redundancies in the data entry process, increasing purchasing and inventory control, and improving accounts payable.

About INC2inc

INC2inc is e-inventing the food chain through its business-to-business (B2B) online marketplace for the highly fragmented food and beverage manufacturing industry. INC2inc enables multiple buyers (food manufacturers) and sellers (food ingredient, raw material and packaging suppliers) to transact business on the Web, eliminating inefficiencies, decreasing costs of doing business, and empowering communication. INC2inc is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, and was selected for the “50 to Watch” list. For more information, visit INC2inc’s Web site at