Mission Foods announced today that it is voluntarily recalling all yellow corn products and replacing them with products made from white corn because of the possibility products may contain StarLink, a protein not approved for human consumption. Mission will remain a white corn company until there is clarification from the government on the safety of the yellow corn supply.

“Our guiding concern has been to protect the safety of the consumer, our customers, and our food products,” said Steve Brunner, Senior Vice President. “Because StarLink is a yellow corn, we believe this will reassure the public and justify the public’s confidence in our products.”

Affected products involve Mission yellow taco shells, yellow tortilla chips, yellow corn tortillas, yellow tostadas and similar yellow corn products for private label brands manufactured for a number of grocery and national chains.

Mission officials stressed that the unapproved protein, found in a corn variety known as “StarLink,” and developed by Aventis, a French biotechnology company and licensed to Garst, a seed development company, appeared to be limited to yellow corn flour milled in a single plant, in Plainview, Texas, and thus affecting only a limited percentage of products, but that they were acting from “an abundance of caution.”

Mission began notifying its customers immediately, and consumers who purchased any of these products may return them to the store where they were purchased for a full refund.

Mission’s supplier has met with the FDA which reviewed their actions and found them appropriate and prudent, and Mission has pledged full cooperation with the FDA to review how the “StarLink” variety entered the supply of yellow corn.

Mission Foods is the nation’s leading manufacturer of tortillas and tortilla products. The company was founded in 1976 and is based in Irving, Texas. Besides its own line of tortilla products, Mission manufactures for many of the nation’s leading grocery and supermarket companies. The company has been recognized by industry and customer groups for its quality systems.

Consumers with questions about the products involved in the recall can find information at the company’s website, www.missionfoods.com or can call a special consumer number, 1-800-600-taco or 800-600-2226.