The “M&M’s”® Brand was named “Best Brand/Corporate License of the Year” by The International Licensing Industry Merchandising Association (LIMA) on June 14 in New York. Known as one of the licensing industry’s most prestigious awards, the recognition spotlighted “M&M’s”® superb growth in licensing.

Though “M&M’s”® licensed products have been available for 10 years, the Brand made a strategic decision to strengthen the program in 1995 and continues to command strong presence in the marketplace. With over 30 licensees producing well over 500 products, sales of “M&M’s”® licensed products increased 25% in 1999. Top-selling “M&M’s”® licensed categories are candy/merchandise, toys/games, electronics and housewares.

“The `M&M’s’® Brand was proud to accept the prestigious LIMA Award,” stated Sharon McCampbell, M&M/MARS Vice President, Licensing. “The `M&M’s’® Brand has universal awareness and, combined with the popular, fun, and entertaining `M&M”s’® Brand Characters, makes the area of licensing a sure winner with us among our consumers and licensees.”

LIMA is a not-for-profit organization of licensors, manufacturers, retailers and other support organizations working for the advancement of professionalism in licensing. Past winners of the “Best Brand/Corporate License of the Year” include Taco Bell, Crayola and Jeep among other well-known corporations.

Made of delicious milk chocolate inside a crunchy, colorful sugar shell, “M&M’s”® Chocolate Candies took America by storm when introduced in 1941. Soon after, consumer demand brought about new varieties, including Peanut, Almond, Peanut Butter, Semi-sweet and Milk Chocolate Mini Baking Bits, MINIs, COLORWORKS, and Crispy. Together, their combined sales make “M&M’s”® the number one confectionery brand in the world. And, the “M&M’s”® Brand Characters have been proclaimed more popular than Mickey Mouse and Bart Simpson by an independent research firm. For more information about “M&M’s”® Chocolate Candies, visit “M&M’s”® Network® at

“M&M’s”® is a registered trademark of Mars, Incorporated. M&M/MARS, a division of Mars, Incorporated, manufactures and distributes a variety of high-quality snackfood products.