Mrs. Beasley’s announced that it had completed the acquisition of the assets of Ernst Mueller’s Fine Baking and had consolidated operations at Mrs. Beasley’s Carson, Ca. manufacturing facility. Fine Baking’s product line includes fresh baked fruit cakes, tarts and deserts, gourmet pastries and fresh bread sold to International Airlines, gourmet food shops, hotels and private clubs. Mrs. Beasley’s produces gift baskets of mini muffins, brownie bars and cookies and Miss Grace Cakes sold thru its catalog, the Internet and Mrs. Beasley’s retail stores.

Mrs. Beasley’s CEO, Ken Harris remarked: “The acquisition expands our direct response product offering to include a whole new line of gourmet cakes, petite fours and cookies. It also enables us to add a complete fresh pasty line and fresh baked rolls and breads to our retail stores and make them real neighborhood bakeries. The acquisition also allows us to cross-market both the Beasley and Fine Baking product lines to the Airlines and Gourmet food shops. Our Airline business now encompasses First, Business and Economy for 15 major airlines. We intend to aggressively expand our airline and wholesale business.”

Ernst Mueller has signed a consulting agreement with Mrs. Beasley’s and will oversea new product development for both Fine Baking and Mrs. Beasley’s. Mr. Mueller will also work on product presentations for the Airlines and Hotels.

Mr. Harris remarked: “We continue to look for food acquisitions to help us grow our direct response business and increase our product offering to our customers and our strategic Internet partners.”

Mrs. Beasley’s fresh baked Gift baskets are available by phone at 800-710-7742, over the Internet at and at strategic partner web sites like, (Z shops) and

For over 20 years Mrs. Beasley’s has been supplying high quality gift baskets of mini muffins, brownie bars and cookies to three US Presidents, Hollywood celebrities and Fortune 500 companies. Mrs. Beasley’s is privately owned by Los Angeles based Kayne Anderson Investment Management.