San Diego-based consumer direct solutions provider for grocery retailers, MyWebGrocer, has announced a new product that it claims aligns the consumer need for shopping convenience with the supermarket need for loyalty.   

The GroceryListTM Management service will allow supermarkets to reflect their unique product selection, pricing and featured promotions online where their consumers can build and save their grocery shopping lists. These lists can then be printed or updated with current prices and the product’s aisle location. 

If the customer shops at a grocery chain that has a loyalty card the list-building task can be short-circuited through a pre-built list based on that consumer’s prior shopping history.

Mike Spindler, company president, explained: “Over 90% of consumers make a shopping list for their primary weekly grocery trip.  In most cases they start from scratch, even though most products such as milk, eggs and bread, show up on the list each week.

“Most consumers dislike the list building task. They hurry through this repetitive chore and many times consumers forget products and have to run back out to the store.  GroceryListTM reduces the time it takes to compile and update the list, allowing the consumer to view the current promotions and add them to the list. The consumer is able to view current prices for budgeting, and the products are arrayed in aisle format so that the time required to shop is cut significantly.”

“From the retailer’s standpoint the program connects an individuals shopping list, which today is independent of any store choice, to a particular set of products, prices and aisle locations in a particular store.”

“Once the program is up and running in a chain,” he added: “It is a simple matter of training and flipping a few switches when that chain decides to launch full online shopping in some of its stores.”

When consumers begin using the system, their preference information coupled with their email address is combined to provide powerful marketing data. For example, emails from retailers can can remind shoppers of their list and prompt them to shop at the sponsoring retailer’s store. 

This type of customer-centric program has proven to be extremely effective and cost-efficient when compared to traditional loyalty types of direct to consumer events. 

The GroceryListTM Management service will be launched at the FMI MarkeTechnics show in San Diego this weekend.