Nabisco, Inc., one of the world’s major manufacturers of cookies, confections, crackers, snacks, and premium grocery products, today announced the launch of a new food ingredients group. The group, Nabisco Ingredients, is the result of Nabisco’s recent acquisition of Chicago-based Favorite Brands International, a leading manufacturer of sweet inclusions such as marshmallow products, caramels, and
gummi candies. Nabisco Ingredients will be based in Parsippany, New Jersey.

The introduction of Nabisco Ingredients means an expanded product line for its customers who include leading manufacturers in the cereal, baking, food processing, confection, dairy, and nutraceutical industries. Nabisco’s quality branded and unbranded products combine with Favorite Brands International’s sweet ingredients to create new sweet and savory offerings backed by a long-standing heritage. In addition to the expanded product line, Nabisco Ingredients’ adds value through enhanced manufacturing, customer service, marketing, and research and development capabilities for its customers.

Jim Jeffries, vice president of ingredient sales for Nabisco, is confident about the new group. “The launch of Nabisco Ingredients leads into expanded opportunities and exciting market capabilities. We will continue to offer the highest quality products and unparalleled customer service, and we’ll be positioned as a stronger force in the ingredients marketplace,” said Jeffries.

Nabisco is a major international manufacturer of biscuits, confections, snacks, and premium grocery products, including such well-known U.S. brands as Oreo®, SnackWell’s®, and Chips Ahoy!®; Ritz® crackers; A.1.® steak sauces; Grey Poupon® mustards; Life Savers® confections; and Planters®nuts and snacks. International products include Christie®, Peek Freans®, Terrabusi® cookies and crackers; Yemina® pastas; Royal® dessert mixes; Fleischmann’s® yeast; and several Nabisco global brands – Oreo, Ritz and Chips Ahoy!. Nabisco markets products in the United States, Canada and more than 85 other countries around the world.