Nabisco Holdings Corp. (NYSE:NA) announced that shareholders re-elected the incumbent board of directors at the company’s annual meeting held here today. The board members are: Herman Cain, John T. Chain, Jr., Julius L. Chambers, John L. Clendenin, Steven F. Goldstone, Ray J. Groves, David B. Jenkins, Nancy Karch, James M. Kilts, Fred H. Langhammer, H. Eugene Lockhart, Theodore E. Martin, and Rozanne L. Ridgway.

Nabisco is a major international manufacturer of biscuits, snacks, and premium grocery products, including such well-known U.S. brands as Oreo, SnackWell’s, and Chips Ahoy!; Ritz crackers; A.1. steak sauces; Grey Poupon mustards; Life Savers confections; and Planters nuts and snacks. International products include Christie, Peek Freans, Terrabusi cookies and crackers; Yemina pastas; Royal dessert mixes; Fleischmann’s yeast; and several Nabisco global brands – Oreo, Ritz and Chips Ahoy!. Nabisco markets products in the United States, and more than 85 other countries around the world.