US ingredients manufacturer National Starch this week launched two new starches in at Food Ingredients Europe.

Elastigel 1000J and Elastigel 2000C are designed to replace gelatine and other hydrocolloids, such as gum Arabic, in sugar confectionery. Both starches are already available in the US and Asia Pacific.

The two new starches can be easily incorporated into existing formulations, said National Starch. Elastigel 1000J is particularly recommended where a strong structure is required, as it provides good strength and chewability. Elastigel 2000C has beenspecifically designed for producers of chewy candy, and creates a medium-hard texture combined with a much longer chew reminiscent of gelatine. Its low hot-viscosity and excellent flavour ensure good meltdown and transparency of natural flavours, the company claimed.

There is a trend towards the replacement of gelatine in processed foods, partly driven by the increase in vegetarianism, and further fuelled by the crises hitting the farming industry.