US ingredients group National Starch seized this opportunity presented by this week’s trade fair Food Ingredients Europe to launch two new potato-based starches.

The starches, Novation 6600 and National 10270-4 are designed to enhance meat products ranging from ham and spreads to mince meat and sausages, as well as soya and vegeburgers.

Novation 6600 is the latest addition to the award-winning Novation-technology starches. It has been developed to improve binding during the cold forming stage of formed products such as burgers and shaped potato products. It also improves texture, ‘bite’ and processability. It is non-GM and is intended to aid manufacturers catering for egg-, gluten- and additive-free diets. As National Starch pointed out, 32% of consumers are now scrutinising labels to avoid GM ingredients and a further 32% are concerned about additives , so manufacturers are seeking to allay their concerns.

National 10270-4 can be used as a 1:1 replacement for sodium caseinate which, as a milk-based binder, is subject to intense price fluctuation. National Starch estimates that replacing sodium caseinate with National 10270-4 could cut ingredient costs for vacuum-packed or canned sausages by up 50%.