Nestec received US patent 6187357 13 February for its ‘Extended shelf life noodle product and process of manufacture.’ The joint work of one inventor each from Sweden Switzerland and the US, it will enable a full moisture product to be stocked and sold.

Currently active in this field are Mars and Borden.


    The present invention is directed to a noodle product of extended shelf life and to a method of preparing the noodle product. More specifically, the present invention includes a full moisture extended shelf life noodle product of outstanding organoleptical quality which is easily prepared with little or no further cooking by the consumer.
    Additionally, the present invention is directed to a manufacturing process of the noodle product which can be easily performed using conventional machinery.

First of 10 Claims:

A process for manufacturing a full moisture shelf stable noodle product comprising the steps of:

    preparing a homogeneous dough having a dry matter content from between about 60% to about 70% by weight of the dough by adding water to the dry matter and kneading the mixture into the dough;
    sheeting and laminating the dough into a laminate; slitting the laminate into noodles;
    blanching the noodles, wherein the blanching step is conducted at a temperature between about 95° C. to about 100° C. and for a time between about 1 min to about 10 min while steaming with steam at a temperature from about 98° C. to about 100° C.;
    cutting and portioning noodles; and packaging and pasteurizing the cut and portioned noodles.

By Navroz Havewala, correspondent