A new food safety technology, developed by FLOW International Corporation, could have helped prevent the recent recall of 46,000 pounds of Canadian-packed ground beef because of possible contamination with E.coli 0157:H7. This proprietary technology, known as Fresher Under Pressure®, harnesses the natural, low-heat power of hydrostatic pressure to destroy the specific cell structure of such pathogens as salmonella, listeria, and E. coli, while maintaining the product’s inherent nutritional value, taste, and color.

Fresher Under Pressure is currently being used in the United States and abroad by manufacturers of fresh juices, sauces, meats, and seafood. This technology can replace traditional food safety systems such as pasteurization, irradiation, or chemicals.

FLOW International Corporation, based in Kent, Washington, has over 50 years of experience in ultrahigh-pressure machine-tool technology. The company is currently directing its research and resources toward the development and implementation of food safety solutions.

For more information, contact the following individuals at FLOW: Ed Ting: Food Technology Scientist Rick Marshall: Food Group Vice President Ron Tarrant: CEO and President Telephone: 253/850-3500.

Or visit www.fresherunderpressure.com.

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