The corporate office of Kathryn Beich has been moved from its historic building located at 101 S. Lumber Street in Bloomington to a newly constructed office at 2 Access Way. The new office is located adjacent to the Nestle manufacturing facility making it most convenient for collaborative efforts.

Kathryn Beich has been conducting business in Bloomington for more than 100 years. The Lumber Street building has served as the company’s headquarters since the early 1900s. Up until the 1960s, both the manufacture and sales of Kathryn Beich products were managed out of the Lumber street address. A separate manufacturing site was built off of Beich Road shortly thereafter.

Over the years, many changes have occurred in support of the business’s growth. The company added new confectionery products and gift items to the fundraising programs; a national sales force was launched; Nestle purchased the business; and today, a new corporate headquarters facility. This move is yet another example of Nestle’s commitment to Bloomington and its drive toward continued growth.

The Lumber Street building is still owned by the Beich family and no word has been released about their plans for the facility.

Nestle Confections & Snacks is one of the largest candy and snack manufacturers in the US and an affiliate of Nestle S.A. — the largest food company worldwide. The company manufactures a number of well-known chocolate and sugar brands including: Nestle Butterfinger®, Nestle 100 GRAND®, Nestle Baby Ruth®, SweeTARTS® and SPREE®, DAVID® Sunflower Seeds, the Toll House® collection, as well as RUNTS®, NERDS® and Gobstoppers® from the Wild World of WONKA.