Independent product developers Jessica and Kathleen Rooney of Illinois have patented a new product combining the appeal of a toy with that of a savoury snack. The invention relates to a bite-sized food product combining a pretzel stick with a group of cereal rings attached to it.

Protected under US patent number 6,242,021, the abstract reads:

    A small, bite-sized snack food item is disclosed which combines a pretzel stick and a group of cereal rings annularly disposed on the stick, thereby combining the flavour of the pretzel with the flavour of the cereal in a bite-sized unit. The unit can be held by the fingers of one hand, and bitten off, and it also may be attractive to a child in the manner of a toy. The stick may also be coated with candy or another contrasting food substance.

The first claim (of 13) is for:

    A one-to-two bite sized food item comprising a straight pretzel stick about three inches long, and a plurality of cereal rings arranged on and adhered to the stick.

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