— Get an ice-cold gallon of milk ready — a new world record was established today for the Duncan Hines® World’s Biggest Chocolate Brownie. Finished, this ultimate chocolate treat weighed in at nearly half a ton, and measured 30′ x 13′, or more than 392 square feet. The brownie assembly took place at the AmSouth Duncan Hines Festival, presented by the Bowling Green Junior Woman’s Club. The Festival, in its fourth year, honors native son Mr. Duncan Hines, grocery food products entrepreneur and founder of the company that bears his name.

Billed as the “Duncan Hines® Biggest Brownie Bake-up,” 13,500 chewy chocolate portions of this record setting special treat were distributed to hungry festival-goers. Total calories consumed? Over 2,295,000!

Approximately 250 volunteers from the Bowling Green Woman’s Club and other local civic organizations helped bake and assemble over 675 pans of Duncan Hines® Chewy Fudge Brownies to establish the new record. The brownie took 292.5 hours to bake — the equivalent to 12 full days of baking.

“Our team of volunteers eagerly agreed to work the long hours in order to make the biggest — and best tasting — brownie possible,” said Romanza Johnson, Biggest Brownie Bake-up volunteer coordinator. “We have created a chocolate treat Mr. Duncan Hines would be proud of.”

As the brand’s founder, Mr. Hines gained fame as America’s premier restaurant critic and guidebook author. In 1936, Mr. Hines began publishing a number of annual guidebooks including: Adventures in Good Eating, Lodging for a Night, Adventures in Good Cooking, Duncan Hines Dessert Book, Duncan Hines Food Odyssey and Duncan Hines Vacation Guide. In the 1940’s and ’50s the highest compliment a restaurant or motel could receive was to be recommended by Duncan Hines. In 1949, Hines and Roy Park established Hines-Park Foods. More than 50 kitchen items and 200 food products were marketed nationwide under the Duncan Hines brand name. In 1956, the company merged with Procter & Gamble.

“Duncan Hines is synonymous with the joy of baking for family and friends,” said Matt Smith, vice president, general manager of the baking division at Aurora Foods, Inc., which owns the Duncan Hines brand. “As the place where it was all started by Mr. Hines, Bowling Green is the ideal location to create this ‘hugely sweet’ tribute to his accomplishments.”

Aurora Foods, Inc. was formed in 1996 to buy leading grocery products in the U.S. and build their market share. In 1998, Aurora Foods acquired the Duncan Hines brand from Procter & Gamble. Duncan Hines is the nation’s second largest baking mix company. The Duncan Hines product line includes 60 different sweet baked good mixes extending from layer cakes and brownies to cookie, muffin, dessert bar, and fruit crisp mixes as well as ready-to-serve frosting and several unique specialty products.

For more information on the AmSouth Duncan Hines Festival, visit www.duncanhinesfestival.com.

For more information on Duncan Hines products, visit www.duncanhines.com.


On June 17, 2000, the community of Bowling Green, Ky., set a new world record “Duncan Hines World’s Biggest Chocolate Brownie” in honor of its native son, Mr. Duncan Hines.

Just how big was it? Here are a few delicious statistics:


The finished brownie measured approximately 30′ x 13′ — that’s more than 390 square feet!

Iced and assembled it weighed-in at approximately 920 pounds.

675 packages of Duncan Hines® Chewy Fudge Brownie mix
11 gallons of water
2,025 eggs (or 168.75 dozen)
21 gallons of oil
675 pounds of Duncan Hines® Creamy Homestyle Frosting


This giant batch of brownies required 292.5 hours of baking at 350 degrees — the equivalent of 12 full days of baking.

More than 250 volunteers helped bake, assemble and decorate the brownie.

Approximately 13,500 chewy chocolate brownie squares.
Total calories: 2,295,000.