There is good news for every French food lover. The days of vainly scouring supermarket aisles for foie gras or hoarding the last calisson from vacation in Provence are over., a new web site dedicated to French gourmet foods, brings these and other French specialties within a mouse-click.

In addition to classics like foie gras, bouillabaisse, pbti, and snails, offers hard-to-find regional specialties, like rillettes, a specialty of Le Mans. It offers some products that are difficult to find even in France, including verjus, an alternative to vinegar made from the juice of unripened grapes. Also available are products like La Baleine salt and Amora mustard, staples found in almost every French kitchen.

“The idea was to cover the whole range of French cuisine and cooking,” said Michel Bouvier, president of French Feast, “which means that we offer the delicacies that travelers remember from their vacations in Provence or Brittany as well as the ingredients that you would find in my mother’s kitchen in Lyons.”

Those looking for a very special Mother’s Day gift will be interested in the wide range of sweets available from, from nougat from Montilimar to caramels made with salted butter, popular in Brittany. The web site even offers a large sampler box called “2000 Years of Sweets” with candies from 10 different traditional candy makers.