Nutraceutical water is the drink of the future. At least, that’s what executives at Coca-Cola and Pepsi think. Pepsi is extending its Aquafina line with a vitamin enhanced version, while Coca-Cola is planning to produce several nutraceutical types of Dasani, including one for bone strength. Other new Dasani drinks include multi-vitamins and vitamin C with zinc for immunity. Coke seems to be right on the money with its new ranges. There is strong demand for general health products, and bone and joint pains are among the public’s top five health concerns.

Top five consumer health concerns

1 Eyesight
2 Cancer
3 Cardivascular disease
4 Bone & joint pain
5 Mental acuity

Source: Datamonitor, 2001: “Functional Food & Drinks for Specific Conditions & Ailments”

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