ADM has launched a major branding programme in the USA to help consumers find food products that contain a significant amount of soya protein. The Nutrisoy branding programme targets consumers through television, radio, printed media and the internet ( Although similar activity has not yet been seen in Europe, ADM has confirmed that this possibility is being considered.

ADM stresses that Nutrisoy is not a specific ingredient. It is a branding programme and logo designed to communicate a clear message. With over 300 soya products launched in the USA this year alone, those carrying the Nutrisoy logo offer consumers a simple means of identifying those which contain significant amounts of premium quality soya protein.

The Nutrisoy branding programme also offers clear benefits for food manufacturers who are enjoying the booming US interest in soya. According to the latest United Soybean Board report, 75% of American consumers believe that soya is healthy and nutritious and 66% will eat more soya products as a result of the FDA’s ruling that consuming soya proteins, as part of a healthy diet, could help improve cardiovascular health.

“Manufacturers using ADM’s wide range of soya protein isolates and concentrates to suit their functional, marketing and production needs will gain added value and increased consumer appeal by displaying the Nutrisoy logo,” comments Phil Fass, Market Manager for ADM’s Protein Specialities Division.

The first products branded with the Nutrisoy logo include soya pasta, nutrition bars and soya drinks. “We’ve received positive responses from women in focus groups, especially those who have strong concerns about the health of their family,” concludes Mr. Fass. “As word about the nutritional benefits of soya spreads, so will the Nutrisoy branding programme.”

For further information about the Nutrisoy branding programme, please contact: ADM Protein Specialities Division, Postbus 1105, 3180 AC Rozenburg, Netherlands. Tel. +31 (0)181 257 200, fax +31 (0)181 257 305. E-mail: