Exclusive Agreement Allows eFruit to Offer The Food Institute’s Commodity Market Reports Online

ORLANDO-eFruit International, creator of online marketplaces for the fresh fruit and fruit juice industries, has entered into a strategic alliance with The Food Institute, one of the food industry’s oldest and most respected news and information providers.

The two-year agreement allows eFruit to offer commodity-specific news, information, and reports from The Food Institute on its website at www.efruitinternational.com. eFruit’s members will have access to The Food Institute’s daily news & regulatory updates and government economic data analysis, as well as exclusive online access to The Food Institute’s market reports on frozen fruits and juice concentrates.

“No single source of information is more respected in the food industry than The Food Institute,” Gordon Hunt, eFruit International executive vice president, said. “Our members will now have access to the best, most up to date industry information available-without leaving our website.”

The two organizations will also work together to organize the wealth of information that The Food Institute has gathered in its 72-year history for presentation online. The Food Institute currently offers some of its information online at www.foodinstitute.com, but will use eFruit’s technical expertise to transform its site into a user-friendly platform where members can access all of its data.

“The partnership between eFruit and The Food Institute will benefit members of both organizations,” The Food Institute President Rick Pfaff said. “eFruit’s members will have access to the best industry information available, while The Food Institute’s members will benefit from a technically enhanced website.”

About eFruit International

eFruit International specializes in creating online marketplaces for buyers and sellers of agricultural commodities. The Fresh Marketplace, an electronic marketplace for fresh fruit and vegetables, and the Juice Marketplace, a marketplace for fruit juice, are both found at www.efruitinternational.com and allow buyers and sellers to trade online, using a secure Internet site available only to subscribers. For more information on eFruit, visit their website or call (407) 352-8081.

About the Food Institute

Founded in 1928, The Food Institute is a non-profit, membership-based information and reporting association. Members, including more than 2,200 companies in over 40 countries worldwide, span the entire food distribution system. Membership benefits include weekly issues of the Food Institute Report, which covers breaking news, government news, and market news, as well as commodity pricing information; special reports including the Food Industry Review, the Supermarket Analysis Series, and International Profiles, among others; and access to www.foodinstitute.com, which offers online access to The Food Institute’s wealth of industry information. For more information visit their website or call (201) 791-5570, exts. 21, 17 or 14.