New York:  MyWebGrocer announced that January 2, 2002 online grocery orders across their network, set a new one day sales record.   “Sales yesterday eclipsed our old one day sales record by 47%” said Mike Spindler, President of MyWebGrocer.

MyWebGrocer provides a comprehensive Consumer Direct Solution to bricks and mortar supermarkets who want to offer their consumers the convenience of online grocery shopping.

The record-shattering day is attributed to two factors:
 -A natural consumer desire to change behavior at the beginning of the year.
 -Snowstorms across the southeast.
“Sales were up across our network. Early January is a time when consumers resolve to change their behavior with regard to health and well being. Making more time for themselves and their families tends to be high on their list, and online shopping gives them more free time. Our kitchen-research shows those natural tendencies are especially strong this year,” according to Spindler.
“Our Supermarket clients in the Southeast made Herculean efforts to meet a spike in response to the threat of the snowstorms in parts of the Carolinas, Georgia, and Virginia.  I talked to two clients this morning who were out helping pick online grocery orders until 10pm last night, making sure their customers needs were met.  Many of those customers were new to the online grocery shopping. The snow gave those consumers the opportunity they were looking for to let grocery experts take over the tedious task of supermarket shopping,” Spindler explained.

“We have seen very strong same-store sales gains for many of our clients over the last 6 months, some in the +30% neighborhood.  Yesterday, however, passed any expectations we had and that was particularly encouraging given the fairly weak physical grocery store sales and profits reported by many Supermarket chains over the last month.”

MyWebGrocer is the leading supplier of Consumer Direct Shopping Solutions for Bricks and Mortar Supermarkets.  It works with the local Supermarket to offer consumers the convenience of shopping for their favorite brands online.  The approach leverages both the convenience of Internet shopping and the efficiency of the under-optimized real estate, inventory and labor in the local grocery store.  Each store’s unique variety, pricing, promotions, branding and its personality are represented on its own site using the MyWebGrocer system. MyWebGrocer supports over 160 supermarkets offering the service to consumers in 20 states. MyWebGrocer clients include Lowes Foods, Farm Fresh Foods, D’Agostino, Harris Teeter, Santoni’s Super Market, Dorothy Lane Markets, SUPERVALU, Unified Western Grocers and dozens of other Supermarket chains and independents.