California-based Ontro, which has developed a patented technology for producing fully contained, self-heating containers, has announced a limited in-store sales test program of a nationally known branded product in the Ontro container.

James Scudder, President and CEO said: “We have now taken our technology to the next level where specific consumers are paying retail prices for the value added convenience of heating their beverages Anytime, Anywhere(TM).

“Although this program utilizes a company store with limited quantities, the results can provide critical data for planning a full retail test in a demographically selected city or region.”

Ontro’s marketing strategy has been to target major food and beverage companies in order to commercialize our self-heating technology. In this regard Ontro has worked with several multi-national food and beverage conglomerates over the years. One such company has worked with Ontro for over three years to develop one of its branded products that is now in a limited test market program.

Due to the confidential nature of this project and agreements in place, however, Ontro says that it is unable to disclose any information about the client or their products at this time.

Scudder added: “Research and market studies carried out to date have been very promising and I look forward to receiving more results from this program. I believe we are another significant step closer to introducing our products into the retail market.”