US bakery café chain Panera Bread has announced the addition of six new lower-carb items to its range of bakery products.

The company said that despite a deluge of new low-carb products in the last two years, when it comes to the bakery aisle a recent survey found that 42% of consumers who have tried lower carb breads were disappointed in their taste and texture.

Panera said it now offers six new items to meet the needs of carb conscious consumers, including three breads, two bagels and a breadstick.

“There is a very important segment of consumers who desire lower-carb options, and we see an opportunity to meet their dietary needs, just as we do for customers who seek low fat, low calorie or vegetarian options,” said Ron Shaich, Panera Bread’s chairman and chief executive officer.

“We will continue to evolve with our customers and serve them in any way we can,” he added.