Louisville, Kentucky-based pizza restaurant chain Papa John’s International (PJI) is celebrating its 17-year anniversary this week with a US-wide price promotion beginning today [Monday] and running until the 24 February.

John Schnatter, PJI founder and CEO, said that the price promotion “is our way of thanking customers for their support over the years.

“From day one, we committed ourselves to giving customers a superior-quality pizza. I’m very grateful that consumers have responded to our quality strategy, proving that better ingredients make a better pizza.”

Since opening its first restaurant in 1985, Papa John’s has become the fastest growing pizza company in the US. At 30 January 2002, there were 2,723 Papa John’s restaurants (591 company-owned and 2,132 franchised) operating in 47 states and nine international markets.

PJI also owns or franchises 190 Perfect Pizza restaurants (2 company-owned and 188 franchised) in the UK.

In two recent surveys (1999 and 2000) conducted by the National Quality Research Center at the University of Michigan Business School, Papa John’s received the highest ratings among all national fastfood restaurants.