Paradise, Inc. (OTC:PARF) announced after-tax earnings of $1,308,356 or $2.59 per share, for the year ended December 31, 2000, compared to earnings of $1,155,425, or $2.23 per share, for the prior year. Sales for 2000 were $23.3 million as compared to $21.5 million for 1999.

The Board of Directors declared an annual dividend of $0.40 per share of Paradise, Inc. common stock, payable on April 23, 2001, to shareholders of record as at the close of business on April 12, 2001.

Paradise, Inc. is one of the largest producers and sellers of candied fruit in the U.S. These products are used in fruit cakes and other confections both by commercial bakers and homemakers, and have been a holiday tradition for many, many years. The company also operates Paradise Plastics, a wholly owned subsidiary, which designs and molds plastic containers for its product line, as well as other custom plastics products for non-affiliated customers.