Hydrodyne Inc. inventor Long John gained US patent 6200615 for using Chemical
Explosion or Electrically delivered shockwave to kill bacteria in meat.
This is an improvement over his earlier patent 6074680 (same topic), and builds
on 5273766 and 5328403 (as individual inventor) in which he proposed chemical
explosives for tenderising meat.

Besides Long, this technology (energy pulses to treat food) is being developed
by Pulsed Power Technologies, Tsubakimoto and two individual inventors
Ayers and Wesley. It is not known if these processes have seen commercial use.

Abstract: Bacteria on and in meat, for example hamburger, is killed
by subjecting the meat to an explosive shock front pressure wave propagated
through an inert liquid medium at a rate of at least 6100 meters per second.

First of 8 Claims: An explosive discharge treated meat product obtained
by supporting an initial meat product adjacent a shock wave reflective surface
in an inert liquid, and subjecting said initial meat product to an explosive
shock wave propagated through the inert liquid at a rate of at least 6100 meters
per second, said treated meat product containing no more than 8% of the bacteria
originally present on and in said initial meat product prior to said treatment.

By Navroz Havewala, just-food.com correspondent