EcoPure Food Safety Systems has been granted US patent 6200618 for its
Cold process for disinfection of foods and ingredients which uses ozone
in conjunction with surfactants.

High Temperature Pasteurisation (HTP) and ozone are the only two means which
guarantee complete elimination of all microorganisms including Bacteria, Virus,
Fungus, and Protozoa. Unlike HTP, Ozone ‘does not affect the flavor and texture
of the food’.

Ozone is the fourth most powerful oxidiser. The patent claims exclusivity
over the combination of Ozone with Surfactants. ‘Surfactants’ are explicitly
obtained from another inventor, Murch, and the preferred brands are "FIT"
by P&G USA, and "Veggie Wash" by Horsley Ltd.,

Abstract: The invention includes a method of reducing the microbial
population on food in a container. The method generally involves the application
of both a surfactant and ozone containing wash liquor to the food. The method
includes introducing a wash liquor into the container, thus contacting the food
with the wash liquor and wetting the food. A surfactant is then added to the
wash liquor. This surfactant containing wash liquor is then allowed to contact
the food for a period of time.
Next, a combination of ozone gas, oxygen and/or air is mixed into the wash liquor
to form an ozonated wash liquor. This ozonated wash liquor then remains in contact
with the food for a period of time.

First of 20 Claims: A method of reducing microbial load on food, said
method consisting essentially of:
applying an ozonated wash liquor to the food,
applying a surfactant to the food, and
maintaining said application of ozonated wash liquor and surfactant to the food
for a sufficient amount of time to reduce the microbial load on the food.

By Navroz Havewala, correspondent