US snacks and soft drinks giant PepsiCo has announced a major national retail promotion designed to increase US consumers’ awareness of its Smart Spot programme and products.

Launched in July 2004, the Smart Spot designation indicates that a product meets the company’s nutrition criteria based on statements from the US Food and Drug Administration and the National Academy of Sciences. Criteria for the designation include limits on the amount of fat, including saturated and trans fats, cholesterol, sodium and added sugar. More than 100 PepsiCo products, including brand names like Tropicana, Quaker, Dole, Gatorade, Diet Pepsi and Baked! Lay’s, now carry the Smart Spot symbol.

The national promotion will be featured at PepsiCo’s largest US retail customers and will include in-store, point-of-purchase display, national rebates on the purchase of Smart Spot products and special offers. It will also be supported by a national print campaign.

“Servings of PepsiCo’s Smart Spot products will total more than 55 billion in the US this year,” said Brock Leach, chief innovations officer at PepsiCo. “Smart Spot is a shortcut, an easy way for consumers to identify a broad range of food and beverage choices from PepsiCo that contribute to a healthier lifestyle.”