The Pesticide Management Division proposes to clarify general pesticide rules regarding several compliance and registration issues.

Public comments will be taken at a videoconference hearing at 7 p.m., Oct. 10 in Lacey, Yakima and Spokane (addresses attached). Written comments will be accepted until 5 p.m., Oct. 11.

Three rule sections have been combined in this hearing. The first covers overall rules and definitions, the second deals with compliance, and the third with registration issues. The changes are to:

  • Add definitions to clarify terms such as blossoming plants, chemigation and pollen-shedding corn
  • Add response time issues on pesticide investigations
  • Add “notice of correction” for consistency with regulatory penalties
  • Edit title for restrictions on distribution, transportation, storage and disposal
  • Consolidate rules regarding use of restricted use products and dealer record-keeping requirements
  • Add clover grown for seed to list of nonfood and nonfeed sites for purposes of pesticide registration
  • Clarify labeling for emergency exemptions, spray adjuvants, special local needs registrations and minimum risk pesticides
  • Recognize that the certified applicator is responsible for applying vertebrate control pesticides
  • Clarify that a certified applicator is required for various compound use
  • Allow for additional locations for examination testing
  • Edit for general language clarifications and updates

Direct questions on overall rule changes and definitions to Ann Wick (360/902-2051); questions on registration to Joel Kangiser (360/902-2027); and questions on compliance to Cliff Weed (360/902-2036). Send written comments to Laurie Mauerman, Washington State Department of Agriculture, PO Box 42560, Olympia, WA 98504-2560; or by e-mail to

Hearing locations are: Lacey, Washington Interactive Technologies, 710 Sleater-Kinney Road SE, Suite Q; Yakima, Washington Interactive Technologies, Yesterday’s Village, 15 W Yakima Ave., Suite 220; and in Spokane at Washington Interactive Technologies, N 1101 Argonne, Suite 109.