To celebrate the Pillsbury Doughboy’s 40th birthday,J.M. Smucker has launched Ultimate Dessert and Ultimate Muffin Kits. The launch represented the culmination of a 20-city ‘Taste Tour’ across the US and signals Smucker’s attempt to appeal to a more adult clientele.

“Kids have enjoyed Pillsbury desserts for generations, but Pillsbury also has desserts that satisfy grown up tastes,” said Smucker’s Maribeth Badertacher.

Badertacher identified the target market for the Ultimate Kits as “people who like to bake but don’t necessarily have the time.” The company is therefore emphasising the speed and convenience of these products: the desserts are five minutes from box to oven while the muffins are ready to bake in six minutes.

In order to appeal to more adult tastes, Pillsbury is also positioning the muffins and desserts as a high quality, sophisticated product, suggesting that the desserts are ideal for dinner parties, dessert parties or book club gatherings.

The muffins are available in a variety of fruit or chocolate flavours and the dessert kits include a number of traditional American favourites including chocolate, caramel, strawberry and cream and pumpkin.