Amidst all the buying and selling of brands, businesses and companies between General Mills, Pillsbury and International Multifoods, (see our concurrent story, click here), Pillsbury last Tuesday was awarded US patent 6180151 for its ‘Leavened dough extrusion process.’

This technology is crowded with Solutia, Cornell Research Foundation, Monsanto, NESTEC, Church & Dwight Co. and Nabisco Brands all active in the sector.


    A extrusion method is used to obtained leavened dough products with desirable characteristics. A chemical leavener is used to release carbon dioxide within the extruder and/or a premixer to yield an expanded dough following the extrusion process. The improved dough can be described by the degree of expansion and its cooking properties.

First of 31 Claims:

A method of forming a leavened dough product comprising extruding a mixture comprising flour, water and chemical leavener, the chemical leavener comprising a leavening acid and a salt having an anion selected from the group consisting of carbonate and bicarbonate, the extrusion temperature being less than about 145° F. (62.8° C.), the chemical leavener releasing sufficient carbon dioxide from the formation of the mixture through the extrusion to decrease the density of the extruded dough by at least about 5 percent relative to the corresponding extruded dough without the chemical leavener.

By Navroz Havewala, correspondent