What’s your favorite pizza topping — pepperoni, mushrooms, anchovies or grease? Grease!? It may not be listed as a topping on the menu, but chances are your pizza is dripping with it. You don’t have to eat all that fat — just do the “Pizza Pat!”

The Georgia-Pacific Health Smart Institute “Pizza Pat”

According to a recent study by the Georgia-Pacific Health Smart Institute, patting pizza with paper towels can be an effective way to help remove excess grease. Results showed that patting the surface of a pizza with an absorbent paper towel like Sparkle® can remove up to 14% of total fat (approximately 8 grams per 15″ pizza) and up to 17% of saturated fat. The study also showed that paper towels can remove up to 17% of the total cholesterol.

So, how do you do the “Pizza Pat?” It’s easy: simply lay a paper towel folded into quarters on top of the pizza and pat the surface. Wait for a moment to allow the paper towel to soak up the excess fat and oil, flip the paper towel over or turn it inside out and pat again to pick up any missed grease. Then, just throw the greasy paper towel away. Repeat as necessary.

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