Procter &Gamble has been awarded US patent 6177116 for  “Potato-based dough composition and chips made therefrom.” This is a fine-tuning of the group’slast (May 2000) Patent # 6066353.

Besides P&G, Nabisco, and Services Alimentaires are active in this field, and individual inventors Beck (since 1972 freelance, then with Basic American Foods and with Services Alimentaires SA in 1994) and Willard (1957 to 1983) have laid major benchmarks.


    Dehydrated potato flakes prepared from potato slices, slivers and/or nubbins suitable for use in dough compositions used to make fabricated products. The dehydrated flakes are prepared such that the physical properties in the flake are controlled during processing. The resulting flakes can be used to prepare a more cohesive, non-adhesive, machineable dough, including hydrolyzed starch, from which snack chips can be prepared.

First of 26 Claims:

A dough composition comprising:

    (a) from about 50% to about 70% of a starch-based material wherein said starch-based material comprises from about 25% to about 100% dehydrated potato flakes comprising:
      (i) from about 40% to about 60% broken cells;
      (ii) from about 16% to about 27% amylose;
      (iii) from about 5% to about 10% moisture; and
      (iv) at least about 0.1% emulsifier;
    (b) at least about 3% hydrolyzed starches having a DE of from about 5 to about 30; and
    (c) from about 20% to about 46.5% added water.

By Navroz Havewala, correspondent