Procter & Gamble was awarded US patent 6180159 30 January for ‘Beverages with improved texture and flavor impact at lower dosage of solids’.


    A flavored instant or ready-to-drink beverage product that can deliver a rich, preferably frothy, foamy beverage with a clean, improved mouthfeel and thickness without sliminess, as well as a higher flavor impact at a lower dosage of solids is disclosed. These products contain a water-insoluble component that includes microparticulate component, a fat/oil component, an emulsifier, and optionally, microcrystalline cellulose; a water-soluble component that includes a soluble beverage component, a thickener, and optionally, a buffer; a foam stabilizer; and optionally, acid carbonate/bicarbonate; a sweetener; milk solids; processing aids; and flavorants; and, optionally, and preferably in ready-to-drink formulations, up to 95% water. The ratio of water-soluble to water-insoluble components is about 3.3 or less (i.e., the ratio of water-insoluble to water-soluble (I/S) components is 0.30 or greater) and/or the level of water-insoluble components per unit volume of the product is at least about 0.019 g/cc.

    These products preferably include the combination of sugar and a high intensity sweetener to help reduce the level of solids in the beverage. This product also preferably contains a foaming creamer, a foam generating system, and a protein foam stabilizer to provide a foamy, frothy beverage.

First of 17 Claims:

A flavored beverage product which comprises:

    a. a water-insoluble component having particles with a mean particle size diameter of from about 0.1 to about 3.0 microns which comprises:
    (1) from about 0.2 to about 40% of a microparticulate component;
    (2) from about 0.0 to about 40% of a fat/oil component;
    (3) from about 0.0 to about 3.0% of an emulsifier;
    (4) from about 0 to about 5% of a microcrystalline cellulose; and

    b. a water-soluble component which comprises:
    (1) from about 0.075 to about 40% of a soluble beverage component;
    (2) from about 0.05 to about 30% of a thickener;
    (3) from about 0 to about 4% buffers;
    (4) from about 0 to about 60% foam stabilizer;
    (5) from about 0 to about 5% acid;
    (6) from about 0 to about 5% carbonate/bicarbonate;
    (7) from about 0 to about 10% sweetener;
    (8) from about 0 to about 20% milk solids;
    (9) from about 0 to about 3% processing aids; and

    c. from about 0 to about 10% of a flavorant; and

    d. from about 0 to about 95% water; and wherein the ratio of the water-soluble to water-insoluble components in said beverage product is about 3.3 or less

By Navroz Havewala, correspondent