Millions of Americans will soon be able to cut back on carbohydrate consumption without giving up pizza, bread, cookies, bars, or even cheese puffs. This is due to Betafoods Corporation’s new technology, named Structured Protein™, which allows for a food structure, such as a loaf of bread or biscotti, to be built from isolated protein (soy, whey, etc.) versus a carbohydrate source (wheat flour, rye flour, sugar, etc.). The technology is viewed as a “platform” for it allows food products to be built nutritionally around the Structured Protein™ base. Betafoods sees the technology having an immediate impact on niche markets such as low carbohydrate diet foods, protein bars, and diabetic foods. However, the company believes the biggest opportunities lie ahead in the mass market and food service categories for nutrition and diet are becoming very important to everyone, old and young alike, for health and weight purposes.

Betafoods has been significantly advancing its Structured Protein™ platform over the last year. The technology, now standard practice within the company, was developed by CEO and Chief Technology Officer, Chip Marsland. “Our Structured Protein™ platform is great for nutrition, health, and wellness. Food products can now be designed and built around a nutritional protein structure versus one made from high glycemic carbohydrates. The Structured Protein™ technology allows nonstructural ingredients [complex carbohydrates, sweeteners, flavors, fats, vegetables, vitamins, etc.] to be incorporated directly into the protein matrix.” Marsland continues, “Simply put, our technology makes everyday protein multi-functional. Now it is both a nutritional as well as structural component of the food product.”

The company has a great deal to show for its development efforts for the technology has been advancing to the commercial marketplace rapidly. Products already developed by Betafoods include protein-based chips, breads, rolls, bars, biscotti, cheese puffs, cookies, muffins, flat breads, breakfast cereals, pizza, crackers, as well as miscellaneous snacks and chocolate covered treats. This past summer, the company rolled out the first Structured Protein™ product line, named Chip’s Chips™ Low Carb – High Protein Chips, with great success nationally. The Structured Protein™ platform will also be used for the new nutritional Chip’s Chips™ snack food products due to hit the national marketplace early 2001.

“I see the food giants attempt at diet and nutrition as a direct path to diabetes and obesity. Our children are growing up eating far too many high glycemic carbohydrates. It’s time we focus on the combination of proteins and complex carbohydrates. Let’s reduce the burden on the healthcare system by offering the foods our bodies need for general health and wellness”, states Marsland.

Betafoods believes its Structured Protein™ technology is the answer to many nutrition products’ problems. “To start, we see Structured Protein™ as the immediate solution to the low carbohydrate diet bar industry’s formulation, mislabeling, and chemical flavor problems.” Marsland continues, “the need for glycerin, a horrible tasting carbohydrate used to bind protein, is completely eliminated just by going with Structured Protein™. Our Structured Protein™ bars are not only crunchy and great tasting, but probably the only true low carbohydrate protein bar products available.”

David Picard, co-owner of American Fitness Wholesalers of Worcester, Massachusetts, New England’s largest wholesale distributor of sports nutrition products adds, “Our Chip’s Chips™ rollout this past summer was a huge commercial success. I wish Betafoods would branch into the crunchy Structured Protein™ bar business also. We could sell a ton of them.”

Betafoods’ marketing of Structured Protein™ products will remain within the nutritional snack food category. “We are focused on making junky finger food nutritional.” Marsland continues, “Structured Protein™ is a technology we are seeking strategic partners for. The market opportunity in diet and sports nutrition alone, never mind school lunch and nursing home foods, is far too big for us to pursue.”

For more information on Betafoods’ Structured Protein™ and Chip’s Chips™ products, contact Betafoods’ Chip Marsland directly at Tel. 508-655-3900 extension 12 or by emailing him at