US flavour specialist Quest International is set to launch the “Chicken Designer Wheel”, a new chicken flavour system with 15 chicken profiles for use in various different dishes, particularly “home style” creations such as soups and bouillon.

A team of chefs and application technologists will work together with each customer to develop tailor-made applications and exclusive end products based on these 15 profiles.

The product recognises nine different cooking techniques, from cooking with lots of water to cooking with no fat, and thus recreates tastes ranging from boiled to roast.

Quest’s global savoury product manager, Olivier Kapetanakos, told Food Navigator: “Chicken Designer Wheel is really the result of two decades of evolutionary work. It combines our understanding of the processes in the industrial kitchen with our unique understanding of flavour technology.

“It is now possible to prepare any chicken application for anywhere in the world, recreating the flavour of a specific region. And, because the profile names are based on kitchen terminology, it improves and quickens the communication between consumer, customer and Quest, resulting in an efficient and professional process at all stages.”