New Products and Restaurant Design Prototype Attracts First New Franchisee in Eight Years

In a bold move aimed at resuscitating a brand that once numbered 500 locations, Sean Flynn, president of the 73 unit Shakey’s Inc., unveiled to the company’s franchisees on September 10 a line of new products and a new restaurant design prototype.

Hoping to bring the Shakey’s brand and its product offerings into the 21st century by capitalizing on opportunities for growth with the singles market, couples, children, and the snack and dinner dayparts, the announcement signifies a new strategic vision for the company. The concept will first be tested at the Shakey’s company-owned store in West Covina, Calif. in December 2001.

Shakey’s hopes this move will strengthen relationships with current franchisees and attract new franchisees, allowing Shakey’s to double the number of traditional restaurants in five years. Shakey’s signed the first new franchisee in eight years, Mr. James Kim, of Orange County.

“We have maintained one of America’s oldest and most beloved restaurant franchises for more than 50 years and we look forward to sharing the Shakey’s experience with the Kims and other new franchisees,” said Flynn.

Dr. Al Nigl of Datascenion surveyed 1,000 current, former, and prospective customers to identify strengths and weaknesses and gauge Shakey’s market position. Based on his analyses he found that 98% of prospective customers are aware of the Shakey’s brand. Additionally, his research uncovered the need to strengthen the food focus, target dinner business and the snack daypart, offer products suitable for small groups and take-out, and creating an environment within the restaurant suitable for non-families emerged and the conceptualization of the new product line and design prototype followed.

The Shakey’s Triplets is meant for dipping and the concept includes: Pizzatrios, three connected mini-pizzas; Striplets, boneless chicken strips; MOJOs; Muncheese, cheese-stuffed garlic breadsticks, (unique to the Quick Service Restaurant industry); HipOhs, onion rings; and Bakeys, cookies served with sweet dipping sauces, was presented by Flynn as perfect for snack-time, or anytime, eaten with your fingers and dipped in one of six sauces.

“This will change the way pizza is eaten,” said Flynn.

Archicon Architecture & Interiors, Phoenix, AZ, designed a restaurant prototype, which maintains the “tower” and seating areas on either side, designed for family and non-family dining, while maintaining an attractive game room, which is fun for the whole family. An alternating diamond shape provides the background to the Shakey’s sign and “swoosh” design that will be carried over in the interior design.

Shakey’s Inc., operates in California, Wisconsin, Idaho, Iowa, Washington, Arizona, Minnesota, and Georgia. The brand is known for its community involvement, casual family dining, and signature dishes, including MOJO® potatoes, pizza, pasta, and chicken menu items. Shakey’s Inc. is a privately held company.