The Vista Technology Group, Ltd. announced that Shaw’s Supermarkets, Inc. of East Bridgewater, Massachusetts, has agreed to partner with its eCommerce Division, eVista, in the implementation of UCCnet’s product offerings to its Retailer and Manufacturer trading partners. The beta test of eVistaB2BTM, scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2000, will be the first step to allow Shaw’s to be at the forefront of business-to-business activity in the Consumer Goods Industry.

Shaw’s is a member of the UCCnet, and is leading the effort to develop B2B transactions which will increase productivity in its own environment, while linking simultaneously with its manufacturers and brokers. UCCnet is a foundation for CPG (consumer packaged goods) industry standards-based electronic commerce.

“Vista is extremely proud to have been chosen by Shaw’s Supermarkets as a partner in B2B,” said Greg Weismantel, President/CEO of Vista. “It is a strong verification of our company’s strategy to provide a distributed database solution to trading partners, which allows them to be the source of record of their own data, utilizing their own current systems.”

The eVistaB2B solution provides cost reductions and efficiency savings capable of an almost instant return on investment leading to a significant payback within three months. The system includes the installation of Vista’s sophisticated Transaction Agent™ at the Retailer’s location, along with applications that will allow Shaw’s personnel to have full control over the B2B transactions emanating from the Manufacturer.

Utilizing eVistaB2B will enable Shaw’s buyers and category managers to automatically pull data from a trading partner’s system, without having to perform this activity on a one-to-one basis for each trading partner.

eVistaB2B’s Transaction Agent software includes system adapters that can be linked directly to UCCnet and Legacy/ERP systems. This package of eVistaB2B products provides immediate B2B benefits by allowing instant two-way communication between customer and vendor. The Transaction Agent also provides the additional benefit of being utilized with Exchanges (e.g. Transora, WWRE).

The first phase of the implementation process of eVistaB2B will include the capability to exchange item information across the Internet, along with organizational hierarchies of UCCnet trading partners. The following phases will include transmitting pricing, promotions, payments, deductions, purchase orders and invoices.

About the Vista Technology Group, Ltd.
The Vista Technology Group, Ltd. is a leading provider of proven CRM technology solutions for the consumer package goods (CPG) industry. Vista’s system, VistaCPGâ, address the sales, marketing, and financial functions through a closed-loop process for the areas of trade promotions, forecasting, funds management, and deduction management. Clients using VistaCPG’s integrated systems include Heinz USA, Heinz Frozen Foods, Borden Foods Corp., J.M. Smuckers, Bestfoods Inc, S.C. Johnson, and Sara Lee L’eggs Hosiery. eVista is the eCommerce arm of Vista and has developed the eVistaB2B system. Additional information on The Vista Technology Group, Ltd. can be found at

About Shaw’s Supermarkets, Inc.
Shaw’s Supermarkets, Inc. consists of stores throughout Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont and Connecticut. It serves nearly 4 million transactions each week. Shaw’s continues to thrive, grow, and set new standards for the supermarket industry. Although advancements in management and marketing have helped to put Shaw’s at the top, it is the company’s ongoing emphasis on attentive service and the freshest products, which have kept it there for 140 years.