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Bryan, Ohio-based Spangler Candy Co is recalling 68 workers made redundant earlier this year, after it received new business for its candy-canes when production halted at two other major US producers; the American Candy Co and Bobs Candies.

Spangler, which also manufactures the Dum Dum lollipops, was forced to make seasonal layoffs in January this year for the first time since 1996, citing a slowing economy, the loss of a major contract and the financial instability of a few major customers.

However, with the recent news of an increase in its candy-cane inventories and the worker recalls, the company’s overall employment base should soon have returned to more than 400 staff members.

Dean L. Spangler, president and CEO, did not comment on the three-year, three-product contract that has prompted the worker recalls, but he said: “It certainly looks like a short-term opportunity.”

Spangler added that his company would continue to focus on lollipops and the development of new products.