The Arkansas real estate broker for Starbucks has said that after the US coffee chain opens its first freestanding retail shop in the state in early May, Starbucks plans to open more outlets in the state.

Last year, Arkansas was on a short list of states without a freestanding Starbucks. Following the planned opening of its shop in central Little Rock on 1 May, Starbucks wants to open a store in west Little Rock, along with three or four shops in northwestern Arkansas. Little Rock should see six to eight Starbucks locations within the next three years, reported the Associated Press.

There are already two Starbucks outlets in Little Rock – one at Baptist Medical Centre and one at a Barnes and Noble bookstore – but Starbucks does not own those outlets and they do not offer the complete line of products.

Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota and West Virginia are the remaining states without freestanding Starbucks outlets.