Manufacturers of nutrition bars are not delivering on their label claims, according to a study released last week by New York-based analysed 30 nutrition bars for ingredients such as fat, sodium and carbohydrates, and found that 60% were not living up to the information provided on the label or failing to report contents such as fat levels.

Dr Tod Cooperman, Consumerlab president, told the Los Angeles Times: “The most appalling thing was the missing carbohydrates.” He explained that over 50% of the products actually contained far more carbohydrates than their labels admitted, often equating to an extra 100 calories.

While Consumerlab does not make public those companies which fail their tests, those products that met their claims included: MET-Rx Food Bar, Balance Complete Nutritional Food Bar, EAS Myoplex Lite Nutrition Bar, Nutrilite Positrim Food Bar, Precision Engineered Symetry and A Better Nutritional Ratio Bar.

The FDA supervises labelling practices for nutrition bars and has contacted 18 different manufacturers in the last year alone over discrepancies with reported and actual product contents. The US$1bn-a-year industry has pledged to address the issue. reported recently on a UK study on unhealthy nutrition bars, to read this article, click here.

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