The high level of uncertainty in US and Mexican sugar policies will make the coming year a critical turning point for the North American sweetener industry, according to a new study produced jointly by sweetener industry analysts Promar International and CBT Consulting, Inc. Further, the ramifications of possible policy changes extend beyond growers to the banking sector, off shore sugar producers and food processors alike.

“The interaction of government policy in the US and Mexico will be a principal determinant of company profitability,” says Tom Earley, Promar VP. “The US Congress is midway through Farm Bill deliberations and important sugar and corn sweetener trade disputes remain unresolved. And the expropriation by the Mexican government of half the country’s sugar industry presents a huge challenge for the Fox Administration. In this difficult environment we felt we needed to examine how the market would unfold.”

The result is a new report entitled, “The Future is Now: Will the US and Mexican sweetener sectors survive the farm & trade policies of the 21st Century?” The report brings together Promar’s extensive background in strategic analysis for the sweetener industry with the policy expertise of Carol Brick-Turin of CBT Consulting to provide an objective assessment of likely market scenarios and sector-by-sector implications for each option.

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