Suprema Specialties, Inc. (Nasdaq: CHEZ) announces its wholly owned subsidiary, Suprema Specialties Northwest, Inc., has completed the acquisition of Snake River Cheese LLC., located in  Blackfoot, Idaho.

The operations acquired include a fully operational 37,000-sq. ft. facility with approximately 50 employees and consists of milk processing and cheese production equipment. The plant, which has its own dedicated milk supply, has the capability of producing mozzarella, parmesan, romano, monterrey jack and cheddar cheeses.

Mark Cocchiola, President and CEO, said, “We continue to be excited by this acquisition and believe it’s a great fit within our total cheese portfolio. This acquisition is expected to create immediate value by allowing us to expand our product line and increase our marketing and distribution channels to the Mountain states and the Midwest.”

The acquisition cost was $6 million and was financed through a leasing transaction. Additionally, Suprema has increased its line of credit facility with its bank syndication group, led by Fleet Bank as agent, from $85 million to $111 million to support its working capital requirements.

Suprema Specialties, Inc. manufactures, shreds, grates and markets gourmet all natural Italian variety cheeses under the Suprema Di Avellino® brand name as well as under private label. Suprema’s product lines consist primarily of domestic mozzarella, ricotta and provolone cheeses, grated and shredded parmesan, cheddar and romano cheeses, and imported parmesan and pecorino romano cheeses, including “lite” versions of certain of these products containing less fat, and fewer calories. The Company operates facilities in Idaho, New Jersey, New York and California. The Company supplies cheeses to foodservice, retail, and food manufacturing companies.

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